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Interim Ministry

An experienced and trained Interim Pastor not only fills the gap for your church,

but also helps in many ways to prepare your church for your next pastor.

An Experienced Interim Pastor Helps Your Church:

Discover a New Identity

Gain a new understanding of who you are and where God might be leading you as a congregation.

Re-affirm Denominational Linkage

Renew an appreciation for and understanding of the denominational identity that flows through the history, mission and heart of the local church.

Allow Needed Leadership Change

Allow and facilitate changes in leadership style by helping people discover and use their gifts and providing training for new leaders.

Commit to New Direction

Help the congregation develop and embrace a shared vision, partnership and commitment for ministry in the future with new pastoral leadership.

No Pastor....

  • To Preach

  • To Lead Bible Study

  • To Visit the Sick

  • To Conduct Funerals

  • To Perform Weddings

  • To Represent You in the Community

  • To Carry Out Daily Pastoral Duties

  • To Train and Lead the Congregation

God is Forthright to declare plans for something new. Human nature, however, often prevents us from aligning ourselves with God’s intentions so we might be able to see what God is choosing to do.

As the prophet was sent to help the people recognize their own weakness and focus on God’s providence, so too the Interim Pastor. Trained to help a church focus on five critical areas

A church must address during times of pastoral transition an Interim Pastor can be God’s instrument for securing a better and healthier future for that congregation.

Searching for, naming, and finding that ‘New thing’ is what well-trained interim ministry is all about. It’s rooted in a deep awareness of preparation and waiting before God does something new.

ABCCR Interim Ministry seeks to help prepare the congregation to call their next pastor. The Five Focus Areas of Interim Ministry greatly enables that preparation.

When Your Pastor Resigns, There's a Big Gap in Your Church.

 Value Added Benefits of an Interim Minister:

 A qualified American Baptist Interim Pastor “on the field”.



Shared costs between the church and the ABCCR for the Search Process.



 Stability of ministry during a time of transition.



Shared costs for moving a newly called pastor to the community.

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